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Glory Educational Services Ltd. started recruitment business in 1998 and was incorporated in 2003 with offices in the major cities of the nation. Recently, the frontier of our business was expanded with an office in the UK. Plans are afoot to open the sub West African offices.

To assist all our clients intending overseas education and training achieve their dreams without delays and offer each and everyone all the helps they deserve.

To become an industry leader in the field of international student recruitment through quality service delivery from counseling through to enrolment for both clients and partners.

Most people in time past went through the rigour of choosing the right school, right course, right budget, right location and best country for their endeavours many years back. They realized that the decision to go to a foreign country can be challenging and that notion was justified as it turned out that many today still end up spending more than the necessary time (sometime running into years) just in the bid to realize their dreams of overseas education.
Glory Educational Services Ltd therefore seeks to bear the stress (especially with professionals whose work schedules are tight and can hardly afford extra time on any other venture) by offering expert advice from qualifications, to career objectives and budget in order to arrive at best set of choices for any client in a given situation or circumstance. We certainly come in to take out the pain off overseas educational pursuits thereby making true our slogan; “…all the helps you deserve”.
We are fully aware of the fact that our clientele is made up of people from differs background and with differs interests. This made us seek and foster alliances with over a hundred institutions in about twenty four countries of the world to widen access. Today we can offer courses to meet all demand in countries including but not limited to; UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Romania, Latvia, South Africa, etc.
Our services are streamlined to cut all bureaucracy and ensure delivery within deadlines. We seek to compliment our clients and partner them towards realizing their goals. Today we have placed hundreds of satisfied students on various courses at our partner institutions across the globe.

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