Solution Finders Limited


Solution Finders Limited
Solution Finders Ltd is a Debt Advisory, Training, Recruitment and Entrepreneurship Development Company with focus on the Nigerian market. We are specialized for the Nigerian market and offer our clients customized solutions to challenges relating to Debt, Individual and staff development through training, recruiting talented and right fit for the job. We also believe that most people have the potential to become impact driven entrepreneurs if they are guided in the right direction, thereby seeing their dreams come alive. With our advanced methodologies and deep insights into our clients’ problems, this helps distinguish our services. Our successes come from having good relations with clients, partners, employees and local communities.
Our services add value to the business and lives of our clients. Many of them can testify to our specialized and professional approach in solving their Debt Advisory, Training, Recruitment and Entrepreneurship needs.
The strength of our company is on its enthusiastic and talented employees, who have excellent understanding of the challenges in the Nigerian market and how they provide solutions to counter these challenges.

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