HR Director

Yimei Hotel Management Co. Limited belonging to Shangmei Life Group SUNMEI, which was founded in 2010 after eight years of development, has become one of the world’s leading hotel brands originating from China. Since then, we have set up operations in Russia, South Korea, the Philippines, Pakistan, Ethiopia, among others. Globally Yimei Hotel has been ranked as a top 20 hospitality group by HOTELS Magazine, and with more than 3500 hotels open worldwide, we have been ranked 12th in the world.

Since 2018,Yimei has focused its expansion strategy to the African Hotel market, bringing our advanced chain operations and superb management experience to regions around the world.

We look forward to hiring professionals in the capacity below to join us embark upon this exciting journey together:

Job Position: HR Director
Job Location:

Job Responsibilities

  • Formulate human resources administrative management practices and various rules and regulations.
  • Expand and improve various channels to create a strong recruitment system.
  • Improve and optimize the company’s performance appraisal methods and related process development, and analyze the monthly assessment data.
  • Improve personnel management, lead the daily management and team building work, and ensure the efficient use of human resources.


  • Have more than 5 years of work experience as an HR Manager.
  • Familiar with the regulations and procedures of human resources recruitment, salary, performance appraisal, training, etc., familiar with the national labor regulations and policies.
  • Has strong language, resilience, communication and problem-solving skills, affinity, a strong sense of responsibility and dedication.
  • Graduated from a major domestic university. Foreign students studying abroad and work experience are preferred.