Medical Officers

Company's profile

we help cooperation, private and public manage their business, by implementing business intelligent tools which in turn help them accelerate, improve decision making, optimizing  internal business process and improving operational efficiency. 

Job Description 

  • Conduct daily consultation with clients
  • Give medical report and follow up on the clients
  • Manage clinical risk

Key Performances

  • Ability to identify client's problem and recommend the precise treatment they need 
  • Accurate interpretation is Asyra or Quantum Test result.
  • Number of publications written and presented.
  • Refer a minimum of 60patients in 3months
  • Client satisfaction

Key Requirements 

  • Excellent listening skills
  • Empathy and understanding with clients
  • Confidentiality
  • Technical, Managerial and behavioural.
  • Ability to Communicate effectively with clients.
  • Always ready to travel
  • Sensitivity
  • Planning and organizational skill.