We are looking for an experienced, devoted, and empathetic psychologist to join our company. You’ll be responsible for studying mental processes and human behavior by observing, recording, and interpreting how people relate to one another in various environments and conditions. Our psychologist must possess excellent social skills in order to be a part of our team of physicians, social workers, and to communicate effectively with our clients. At times you may work independently or carry out research tasks. Responsibilities Collecting information through observations, tests, surveys, interviews, and other methods Finding patterns to better understand and predict human behavior, and conducting scientific studies to analyze brain function Developing and carrying out treatment plans Working with families, couples, and individuals to help them make desired changes to behaviors Identifying and diagnosing emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders Developing programs that improve the team by addressing their psychological needs. Skills and Requirements Sensitivity Ability to cope with emotional situations Excellent listening Observational skills Verbal communication skills Empathy and