BRISIN Recruitment: Federal Government creates New Portal for Applicants

Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria (BRISIN) - Candidates applying for the Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria have been redirected to a new portal. 

The Federal Government has redirected applicants on a new Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria (BRISIN) Employment Portal to be used for the recruitment application.

Dr Anthony Uwa, the Head of BRISIN Implementation told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), on Tuesday in Abuja that it had become necessary following the difficulty applicants encountered using the previous portal.

Uwa said the difficulties were as a result of some technical issues which would soon be resolved.

He said applicants who had started the application process should not be alarmed as they would be able to complete the exercise using the new portal.

He urged applicants that rather than using the previous used for the exercise, they should use

“Please be informed that the brisin recruitment registration which before now has been on is being re-channelled to which is the BRISIN Employment Data Base portal.

“The reason is that BRISIN is building the first comprehensive database to include both employed and unemployed with job identifications and verifications.

“For this reason, cannot be used for the recruitment as there has been a little technical break which is being rectified and will be back soon.

“The will continue its role on information to public on the importance and benefit of BRISIN to Nigeria and its citizens.

“We apologise for the inconveniences this delay could have caused applicants,” Uwaleke said.

BRISIN is an integrated system for the collection, storage and distribution of information to support the management of the economy.
The Federal Government recently opened the portal for the recruitment of 5,000 unemployed Nigerians in the FCT in the pilot phase to drive the implementation of the scheme.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)

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