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Blizz Technology
Blizz technology, as a leading IT solution and service provider, provides innovative information technology - enabled solutions and services to meet the demands arising from social transformation, shaping new life styles for individuals and creating values for the society.

Blizz technology was established in 2008. Today, Blizz technology has about 2,000 employees Nationwide, and it has a comprehensive marketing & service network covering 10+ cities across Nigeria. Focusing on software technology, Blizz technology provides industry solutions and product engineering solutions, related software products & platforms, and services, through seamless integration of software and services, software and manufacturing, as well as technology and industrial management capacity.

Blizz technology helps industry customers establish best practices in business development and management. The industries Blizz technology serves include telecom, energy, finance, government, manufacturing, trade logistics, healthcare, education, transportation, mobile Internet, media, environment protection, etc., in many of which, Blizz technology has a leading market share. Notably, Blizz technology has participated in the formulation of many national IT standards and specifications of Nigeria.

Blizz technology has the world’s leading product engineering capabilities, ranging from consultation, design, R&D, and integration to testing of embedded software, in the fields of automotive electronics, smart devices, digital home products, and IT products. The software provided by Blizz technology runs in a number of globally renowned brands. Particularly, Blizz technology has set up a global system for automotive electronics, smart devices and digital home products, and Also, Blizz technology offers a series of proprietary medical products and network security appliances.

Sticking to its business philosophy and brand commitment of “Beyond Technology”, Blizz technology is dedicated to providing innovative information technologies to drive the sustainable development of society, as well as becoming a company that is well recognised and respected by employees, shareholders, customers, and society.

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