Consultant Health Coach (Nurse)

The Consultant Health Coach provides weekly telephonic coaching to clients of the VIVA program. The health coach would be the primary face of the VIVA program to our clients, and will serve as their guide through navigating their way to improved health and wellbeing.

The function will encompass, but is not limited to, the following responsibilities:

  • Completing initial introduction calls with each new program joiner to support them with setting up their health aspiration plan. 
  • Completing ongoing weekly calls with each assigned client to support them with agreed health goals and targets. 
  • Using the VIVA Health Coach online platform to record on a timely basis all health advice provided to clients, as well as any client-related comments
  • Being available to triage or handle time-sensitive client and program matters
  • Relating with clients in a respectful, friendly, and caring manner at all times
  • Presenting on the VIVA program and answering questions at Open Days and Orientation Days
  • Reporting to the VIVA management team on client progress and specific client issues in a regular and structured manner
  •     Providing feedback to VIVA management team on program improvement opportunities
  • Developing and improving standard operating procedures to support the program as it scales


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