Developer Relations Engineer Job at Canonical Nigeria

Canonical - We deliver open source to the world faster, more securely, and more cost-effectively than any other company. We develop Ubuntu, the world’s most popular enterprise Linux from cloud to edge, together with a passionate global community of 200,000 contributors. Ubuntu means 'humanity to others. We chose it because it embodies the generosity at the heart of open source, the new normal for platforms and innovation. Together with a community of 200,000, we publish an operating system that runs from the tiny connected devices up to the world's biggest mainframes, the platform that everybody uses on the public cloud, and the workstation experience of the world's most productive developers. Secure and reliable, elegant and intuitive, and open for innovation - Ubuntu is the future of open source, which is why it's the fastest-growing Linux in the world despite already being the most widely deployed.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Position: Developer Relations Engineer

Job Location: Lagos


  • The Developer Relations team at Canonical engage with community and enterprise software developers to help them embrace the Canonical approach to open source.
  • We enable community developers and ISVs to deliver their applications to millions of Linux users and devices as snaps, charms, debs and Docker images. We also bring their feedback to engineering teams at Canonical for continuous improvement.
  • As a Developer Relations Engineer, you will spearhead the adoption of new technologies in upstream communities.
  • You will identify exciting new areas of development, programming languages, and classes of application, and explore ways to deliver those applications to Ubuntu users. Then you will reach out to community leaders and technical leaders in those ecosystems and build a common understanding of the best approach to application delivery on Ubuntu for their work. You will contribute to code and technical documentation.
  • This role is a good fit for someone who is tech-savvy, passionate, collaborative, and who can communicate with a wide range of audiences. You must be a professionally qualified software engineer with open source experience.
  • You will definitely need to be technically skilled with Linux. Experience with Ubuntu, snaps, charms or Docker images and familiarity with desktop and Linux server software development are valuable skills for the role.
  • This position will challenge you to become an expert in the technologies on which we build the Ubuntu ecosystem, and will utilize your communication, presentation and persuasion skills.
  • We aim to inspire the next generation of engineers to work more efficiently with open source, adopting the latest practices and shaping Canonical tools to suit new workflows and priorities.
  • You will represent not only the Ubuntu community but also Canonical as a contributor to the wider open source ecosystem.
  • You will work in a distributed team and travel internationally 2-4 times per year for engineering sprints, community summits, industry events, and strategic planning sessions.

What you will do

  • Gain a deep understanding of snaps, charms, debs and Docker images
  • Grow the developer community by attracting software developers and ISVs to the platform
  • Create content to scale up adoption, demonstrate best practices, and showcase new features
  • Curate existing documentation, performing periodic reviews, triage user feedback/bug reports and determine priorities for remedial work
  • Engage with the community through various means, including discourse, IRC, social media, conferences, etc.
  • Provide input to development teams at Canonical based on feedback from ISVs, developers, and the wider community
  • Collaborate with software developers, product managers and technical writers
  • Write ecosystem specific guides, tutorials, release notes, and white papers
  • Identify relevant influencers and devising plans on how to effectively engage with them
  • Deliver training workshops in person and remotely
  • Represent the platform via speaking engagements at industry events and community conferences

Who you are

  • You love technology and working with brilliant people
  • You are curious, flexible, articulate, and accountable
  • You value soft skills and are enthusiastic, thoughtful, and self-motivated
  • You can be flexible with your time and enjoy working with new technology in a fast-paced environment
  • You have experience with developer tools and open source projects
  • You have a clear public record of accomplishments (talks, blog posts, GitHub, Twitter, etc)
  • You have interest and experience with two or more of Ubuntu Linux - kernel or userspace, DevOps, software development, testing and QA, package management, container technology
  • You can work autonomously and assume full ownership of objectives as needed
  • You are experienced working with open source communities and understand the workflow of volunteer contributors

Nice to have:

  • Experience with community management
  • Experience with developer advocacy
  • Experience as a software developer
  • Examples of contributions to the Ubuntu Community
  • Experience with contributing to open source projects

We offer

  • Learning and development opportunities and budget
  • Annual compensation review
  • Recognition rewards
  • Annual leave
  • Priority pass for