How To Successfully Apply For Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) Recruitment

How To Successfully Apply For Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) Recruitment.

Since the opening of the Federal Civil Service Commission recruitment portal on 19 September 2016 applicant have been having difficulties in registering and receiving of verification email to enable them proceed with their applications.

In fact a lot of new email accounts will be created during this registrations period due to email rejection Issues on the portal, Nevertheless some applicants were able to apply successfully and others are still finding it difficult to register.

My understanding on how the recruitment portal works is that for you to register successfully, you must avoid using mobile phone to register instead use strong browser like google chrome on laptop or desktop computer. Some feature will not appear on mobile phone even though the FCSC portal website functionality was optimize for easy access by applicant but the site is still under strong security protection that is why a lot of applicant are having problem to register.

How to Register Successfully
1. Go to
2. Click on Register an account to start filling in your information on the box provided and Click Register.
3. You will receive either of this successful message " your registration is successful check your email inbox to activate your registration or this email have already register
4. Check your email box to activate the email send to you, if you din't receive any email don't panic wait for some hours and keep checking your email inbox and spam
5. When you finally receive the activation email in your inbox click on it, it will lead you to FCSC recruitment login page, login with your Username which is the email you register with and password
6. When you successfully login, check for the available position you want to apply for and click on apply button it will take you to the next page to start filling your information.


There are 18 form page which you will have to fill.

Note: while filling your form on the recruitment portal there will be some huddles like LGA not displaying or date box not functioning try this strategies: when you click on state origin wait a little before clicking on the LGA box or click on another state origin and check the LGA then try to fill in your own state origin the LGA will show

For those who are finding it difficult to Register don't give up keep trying it will sure get through.