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Tongston Entrepreneurship Holdings
Tongston is a pan-African group of companies connecting entrepreneurship and education through finance, media, consulting and training. Tongston, with special focus on secondary education, partners with educators, parents, students, profit and non-profit enterprises, social influencers, investors and government, whilst leveraging on media, learning and finance, to transform secondary schools into entrepreneurship institutes, secondary teachers to entrepreneurial educators and secondary students to entrepreneurial learners.

Tongston is structured as a holding company, together the “Tongston Group” with 4 subsidiary entities:
• Tongston Entrepreneurship College (Tongston College): A business secondary school.
• Tongston Entrepreneurial Teachers Hub (Tongston Institute): An educator training centre.
• Tongston Entrepreneurship Ventures (Tongston Ventures): A venture capital & private equity firm.
• Tongston Entrepreneurship Media (Tongston Media): A multimedia production company.

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