Payroll Administrator

OtensFarm is currently seeking to hire a smart Payroll Administrator who pays attension to details and understand the roll.


  1. Responsible for the preparation and processing of monthly payroll for over 700 employees;review and ensure accuracy of approved timesheets;track and deduct all garnishments and other special payroll deductions.
  2. Responsible for the coordination efforts between payroll,human resources, budget and other departments to ensure proper flow and maintenance of employee data (including preparation/distribution of detailed reports, e.g. labor" home"work,overtime,leave balances,head count,and retirement contribution reports.
  3. Handle the administration of the electronic timekeeping system. Setup each employee, valid programs for each employee's charges, and adherence to FLSA; monitor submissions of approved timesheets, ensure valid data transfers to from payroll service.
  4. Establish/maintain employee records;ensure that employee changes are entered correctly and made on a timely basis;review changes for proper authorization and adherence to APA policy including compliance with federal/state/local regulations.


Required Qualifications:

  1. Associate Degree in Business Administration,Finance/Accounting Degree.
  2. 0-2years in a Payroll Office performing all payroll functions.
  3. Excellent skills using MS Word, Excel, Access, and Internet Explorer.
  4. Strong skills using and understanding the flow of transactions in an integrated and automated payroll accounting system.
  5. Ability to maintain confidentiality and exercise extreme discretion.
  6. Excellent problem solving/judgment skills, and high level of attention to detail and accuracy.
  7. Strong organizational skills, and the ability to work under pressure.
  8. Ability to handle and prioritize multiple tasks and meet all deadlines.
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