Personal Assistant

As a personal assistant you'll be helping out your boss with whatever they need, from managing a diary to typing up reports or planning meetings. Basically, you help organise their life so they'll always know where they need to be and what they're doing. 

Your duties as a personal assistant will largely depend on your experience, the length of time you’ve worked in the company and the level of trust you have with your boss.

Personal assistants will be expected to carry out tasks such as:

  • Typing up minutes
  • Organising diaries
  • Fielding calls
  • Managing junior office staff
  • Organising travel arrangements
  • But as your experience grows and if you take on more training, you'll soon earn more responsibility such as researching projects, writing reports or managing budgets.


  • Polished communications skills – both verbal and written Multi-tasking skills
  • The ability to prioritise tasks and delegate when necessary
  • Great planning skills
  • Accurate reporting skills