Scrabble Instructor

Mind Games Incorporated (MGI) was founded in 2017 with the sole aim of revitalizing and revolutionizing mind sports in Nigeria and the entire African continent, in order to continually breed intellectual minds.

MGI organizes several tournaments for scrabble, chess, draughts at various levels and supports club setup. We also provide training for facilitators and tournament adjudicators.

We are recruiting to fill the vacant positions below:

Job Title: Scrabble Instructor

Location: Lagos, Abuja
Employment Type: Contract
Job Description

  • We currently have openings for resourceful and experienced scrabble instructors who can work with students at various levels.
  • The successful candidates will be expected to work on clients’ premises at least 3 times weekly.

Job Responsibilities

  • Building a classroom culture in which students develop a love for scrabble
  • Planning, preparing, and delivering excellent scrabble instruction to all students in the class according to their educational needs
  • Teaching a high level scrabble curriculum that begins with the basics of scrabble and progresses to mid-game/end-game tactics
  • Promoting a classroom environment where students fully engage in the creative process and cultivate their talents through a rigorous curriculum that inspires intellectual curiosity and enables all students to thrive
  • Working with the school team to create a world-class scrabble program, including an after school club, that prioritizes understanding of scrabble, critical thinking, and problem solving skills
  • Developing strong relationships with parents and students to create investment in school culture and academics
  • Driving academic outcomes by analysing data, studying student work, and implementing high-leverage instructional moves to ensure dramatic gains for all students
  • Holding yourself accountable for excellent student outcomes
  • Bringing a passion for self-expression and establishing a culture of press when it comes to scholars’ critical thinking about scrabble
  • Assessing, recording, and reporting on student progress, achievement, and behaviour
  • Training with colleagues and school leaders to receive targeted, in-the-moment feedback on instruction, as well as unparalleled support and professional development


  • Bachelor Degree/HND preferred, or equivalent experience
  • Demonstrated passion for the mission, vision, and core values of our organisation
  • Teaching experience with a proven record of propelling student growth, achievement, and love for scrabble
  • Have an advanced understanding of the game of scrabble
  • High moral character
  • Passionate about scrabble and learning
  • Flexible and open to feedback
  • Demonstrating grit and perseverance
  • Interested in working in a collaborative environment
  • Passion for learning, driving innovation, disrupting the status quo, trying new approaches, and tackling problems from many angles and with creative solutions


  • Work flexibility
  • Attractive remuneration
  • Travel opportunities