Fortcredit is a simple, seamless, technology-enabled provider of short- term financing to individuals, groups, and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Fortcredit runs an end-to-end virtual transaction platform, which makes the process of obtaining loans from its platform absolutely seamless and stress-free. 

Fortcredit seeks to plug the huge gap that exists in the access to finance by individuals and small businesses, and is happy to provide funds to help cover short to medium term priority projects that its clients seek to execute. We currently require candidates tnterested in working with us as Direct Sales Agents.

Job roles include:

Develop new customer base via direct and tele marketing

Compile and submit on behalf of customer all relevant document and duly completed application form

Conduct preliminary level of verification of all documents as incomplete and invalid documentation will be discarded.

Follow up on the progress of client’s application and ensure the process is taking place.

Follow up on loan repayment

Any other responsibility assigned on the document

Ensure prompt disbursement to prospective client