Personal Finance Content Writer is a personal finance blog dedicated to providing everyone with the financial insights and education that leads to wealth and financial success.

We believe that many people aren't indigent because they want to. The reason they're so is because they do not have the right information. Without a robust money education the chances of becoming wealthy are really slim.

So after 4-5 years of operation and nearly 80 articles published the need has arisen to get more content writers on board. This will enable  readers to benefit from a wider variety of views on money topics and enable the publisher to focus on monetizing the blog for revenue.

Ideally we are looking for candidates who have the following attributes

  • - Ability to write very well, especially 1,000 word articles on money and personal finance
  • - Have some experience in money matters
  • - Can undertake research on currrent trends in the personal finance space and provide material in line with trends
  • - Experience in developing content in business, money or related areas

Payment will be based on agreed terms on an article by article basis. The successful candidates are expected to deliver 2 articles in a week on varying aspects of personal finance.

If you think you have what it takes please send a cover letter showcasing your profile and 2 samples of your work for consideration. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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