How You can make $1,000/week with minimal effort online

You can make $1,000/week with minimal effort online if you know, But most people don't know.

Here're 4 resources to learn these for free and make money:

1. Canva

2. ChatGPT

3. Notion

4. Gumroad 

Build a digital product using these tools I mention above and print money.

Canva for designing and template creation.

ChatGPT for researching and writing.

Notion for documenting and sharing

Gumroad for selling your products


Learn them here:

1. Canva Resource: Canva design school t is completely free. Here you can learn anything related to Canva. Elements, fonts, colors, logo design, and website landing pages, etc.

Try it here:


2. ChatGPT A resource to learn ChatGPT for free:…

You can leverage this resource and learn the basics of ChatGPT promoting and writing.

Try it and become a pro-ChatGPT user.


3. Notion Resource on YouTube: v=IrIAmq80VEE&list=PLuJCSkbX9W56nhlV3pnvYJJilXyA0w-ka…

A playlist of videos that can teach everything you need to know to become a pro Notion user. Create products with Notion. I create my guides using Notion. You can create digital planners and other templates.


4. Gumroad Resource on YouTube:

Other platforms:

You can create products using Canva, and Notion, and sell them on Gumroad.

I use Gumroad to sell my digital products for free. No initial fee.