Micro materials Quality Controller


  • Assist warehouse keepers to manage the addtives warehouse work and to keep every kind of addtives and premix used in reasonably way and to meet the requirement of quality
  • Responsible for superviseing the weighting?sub-packing?identifying, sealing and transferring process of Micro materials;
  • Responsible for training the workers in workshop by technical instructions and quality advocating;
  • Responsible for the investigation and treatment of quality accident;
  • Responsible for Checking the balance of every kind of additives and premix daily and monthly.;
  • Responsible for management of devices for supervising and measuring; 
  • Assist quality assurance manager to well manage all quality concerned works;


  • Graduated from animal nutrition; animal  Animal Science?Animal Health and Production?Agriculture?feed process feed engineering livestock related major and so on;
  • above bachelor degree and above three years working experiences or above Master degree and above one years working experience in feed industry
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