Raw material controller


  • Responsible for taking sample and inspection of sensory quality of raw materials and supplementary materials?
  • Responsible for taking sample and inspection of sensory quality of sacks and premix and feed label, and ensuring the quality and quantity,writing the test report for the additives and sacks and premix and feed label;
  • Responsible for operation of truck scale, and ensuring the exact quantity of the incoming and outgoing materials.
  • Responsible for setting up entry account by setting procedure and check out.
  • Responsible for the maintaining and checking the truck scale every day, and inform the relevant authority to resolve the problem once it found.
  • Responsible for arranging unloading and stacking the raw materials in the reasonable way according to the requirement of the storekeeper and the raw materials’ features and making record of the worker’s daily unloading work.
  • Responsible for checking every bag of the raw materials while unloading, supervising and directing the dumping works while producing feed.
  • Responsible for inspecting the raw materials, supplementary materials and additives from time to time to keep them in a state of control and fresh that are stored in the warehouse, reporting to QC manager once any problem is found.


  • Having an intimate knowledge of feedstuff and additives, Graduated from Animal Science?livestock ?agriculture and food industry related major and so on; 
  • above college degree, above three years working experiences  or above bachelor degree one more year working experience in feed industry.